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penuchas and SJMC January 9, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Randomness.


the only thing i noe is CAMP FOR YOUR LIFE!!!


go to the 4th floor please

attention!!! patient from room 413 needs help

tudia room 413

my grandpa’s peronal nurse!! -.-
– my dad was busy making calls yesterday to China, Hong Kong everywhere la, just to inform them of my grandpa’s condition, and everytime i will ask him, what did they say? and everytime he will answer me, like that lo…..

e Zinger Max burger is 5.20, but the set which has the burger and cheesy wedges, it’s 6.20, what in the licing mamalia’s world are they thinking…obviously they hate customers ordering food ala carte -.-, BUT the potato wedges, my favorite, you get a TON of it for only 2.10, now that’s VALUE!!

-proof of how sleepy i was yesterday
1) i drove on the wrong direction
2) i nearly bang someone’s car
3) i left my car keys inside the car and the door unlocked
4) i didnt notice the red light

– unrelated…
i shot another hundred free throws yesterday and made 65 so its 58,62,63, and 65.



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