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More RAndommmmnnessss January 5, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Gilbert Arenas.

more randomness = more GILBERT ARENAS

“But after seeing Gilbert Arenas cocksurely spin and walk off the court before his 32-foot bomb splashed through the nets last night — and, really, what was the harm in that? Either you make it and look like Larry Legend, or you grab a towel and a seat on the bench and get ready for overtime — I’m really starting to take Eddie Jordan’s preseason chatter to heart: This team could really be in the Eastern Conference Finals.” – Michael Lee

“Why did Gilbert go for the three when it was tied against the Bucks? Because he couldn’t go for five.” – JakeTheBusted

– I predict that sooner or later Tyler Hansbrough and Brandan Wright of the North Carolina Tar-Heels will have an on court punch up ala Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer of Newcastle United, they were eyeballing each otehr on national tele, at least that’s what i saw on Astro

Agent Z3ro, finally back from his mission to sink the Bucks, has FINALLY updated his blog, check what what he has to say on alot of things
“me matching up with Kobe is not a match-up. Because, you know, he’s 6-8.” – Gilman

– The Boston Celtics is 2-11 all time when Gerald Green scores more than 20 points

Agent Z3ro’s THE SHOT against the Bucks was his first career game winning shot.

Wednesday i shot a 100 free throws, i made 58 of them
Thursday i shot another 100, i made 62
Today i shot a 100, and i made 63

plus anyone wanna noe my before shooting a free throw ritual? LOL, it’s ball over the head, ball spin once,and let it fly…

– i ate 3 boxes?? waht do you call dem? Twister Fries since yesterday…cancer, i’m eating alot of Cadbury Bytes and drinking alot of Crysanthenum Tea as well

my grandpa is getting healthier but not better

– Shaun Wright-Phillips will move to Newcastle UnitedBELIEVE ME

ok, i dont noe K-Mart is doing here but who cares, i wan Paulified, Melo , Jesus, Z3ro, Vinsanity all in

Ji Sung Park then replaced the injured striker but it was Newcastle who reacted first. Milner gathered Dyer’s pass and after maneuvering away from Gary Neville, let fly with a 67 mph 25-yard effort that left EVDS with no chance. MORE LOVE FOR JAMES MILNER PLEASE!!!



1. Anonymous - January 7, 2007

look like u like basketball very much ^^”

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