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the GREATEST PERFORMER on earth January 4, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Gilbert Arenas, Wiz.

Gilbert Arenas got the ball with the score tied and 6 seconds to play. He dribbled downcourt, read Charlie Bell’s retreating feet, stopped and stroked a perfect jumper 32 feet from the basket

Gilbert Arenas had 3 things not going for him and he still did this
1- a sore shooting shoulder
2- a Milwaukee Bucks zone defense
3- the old new old ball that Agent Z3ro disliked,
but he went 12-for-25 from the field and had 32 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists.

scene #1– look at the hand at Agent Z3ro’s face

scene #2 its 32 feet from the basket people

scene #3 walking away like it’s nobody’s business ( the shot haven dropped yet yo!)
PS: why is Redd laughing?

scene #4 the celebration and he’s not even laughing
– another signature moment to a growing presidential legacy

Gilbert Arenas on his Game Winning Shot
“Once I let it go, I’m like, ‘That’s in’, I don’t even need to look at this one.”

“I don’t know why this is a surprise to you guys now”

On not saying “Hibachi”, “Quality Shots” or “Guaranteed — yeah”
“I didn’t say anything. My swag was phenomenal”

Charlie Bell

‘I thought he would take one more dribble, I give him credit. They say he has no conscience, and he doesn’t’

Michael Redd
“Give Gilbert all the credit in the world; he made a tremendous shot.”

Eddie Jordan
‘It was like a flick of a wrist, He’s amazing. That’s it. He’s an amazing player.



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