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AgenT SiX – Zero the WiZard of Oddity December 27, 2006

Posted by netsophobia in Randomness.

I’m happy I’m a 60-point man now. Agent 60. It ain’t 007, but it’s Agent 60, – Gilbert Arenas

i’ve got the shield of gold, come touch me Kobe

Shining in gold, scoring in flow, Gil-Man’s show is on the run again..,it started mild early in the season but he’s running and gunning now, getting crazier and crazier on and off the court, dissing Kobe Bryant

“I’m glad what I’m doing is on national television so they can finally see what I did in the past; my 29 [points per game last season] is not a fluke. What I did in the playoffs is not a fluke. What I’ve done the last five years is not a fluke. Everybody says, ‘Oh, he’s not better than this person, he’s not better than that person.’ But if you go year by year, number-wise, what’s the difference between me and Kobe? He had Shaq. He got three rings. Other than that, my numbers are blowing his out of the water the first six years in the league.” – Gilbert Arenas on Kobe Bryant

check out the last line, The Black President is just crazy, talk about El-Swaggerano, yea we have Rasheed ‘i launch threes and i get technicals’ Wallace carrying boxing waist belts to the arena as part of his clothing attire but Gilbert is different, how different? try throwing Ur jerseys and shoes to the crowd after every single game..people been saying’ nah, he forces shots, he took more shots than his team to get that scoreline and sorts, YO DUDE, check out the stat box, he shot 54% on 32, read!!! its 32 shots ONLY and tons of freaking free throws to get that 60, and he shot 56% on 37, to torch the Suns coached by Mike’drop me from the USA roster n I’m gonna burn u with points’ D’Antoni, to precede all of that he had 8 boards n 8 dishes in that 60, so haters, please…check yourselves, if u can do that, you’ve earned the right to hate, but you can’t so you just have to eat yourselves,

Well Kobe have the reason to hate didn’t he, Gil-Man ain’t right to come into Staples and spoil the Lake Show and steal the NEW N IMPROVED Kobe’ i do pass the ball now’ Bryant‘s show, the President can’t do that, no he can’t, he just came in and dropped Six – Zero onto the Lakes, that ain’t right, but to say Kobe’s a sore loser ain’t right as well, like i said man’s got a reason to hate, and hate he did, but Kobe, saying that our man Gilbert is lucky isn’t gonna take u anywhere but the dumpster because you got beat, u got beat by the Black President, so how’s that, WELL maybe Kobe’s sore because what Gil-man did was reminiscence of what he oways does, so that’s why

But him individually, it’s funny, He doesn’t seem to have much of a conscience. I really don’t think he does. Some of the shots he took tonight, you miss those, and they’re just terrible shots. Awful. You make them and they’re unbelievable shots. I don’t get a chance to play him much, so I haven’t gotten used to that mentality of just chucking it up there. He made some big ones, but I’ll be ready next time.” – Kobe Bryant on Gilbert Arenas’s 60

“Ever since Kobe said I was lucky, I say ‘quality shots.’ Maybe Kobe would say that was luck. It’s luck when you score 30 or 40, but luck can’t get you 50 or 60. Every game before the game, I make 10 threes from 10 spots on the court. That’s 100 threes.” – Gilbert Arenas on why he stopped saying Hibachi

Send Gilbert Arenas to the All-Star game would ya, he deserve to be on the plane the last two seasons, but he got them merely on cord, last second call-ups, Gil-Man deserves more, he should be a starter, and with Allen Iverson gone to Mile High wrestling for shots with Melo and J.R ‘ i think i can shoot’ Smith, suddenly Gilbert is springboarded up to 3rd place behind Dwyane Wade and Vinsanity Carter, obviously i want VC to be a lock for the ASG and i want the President to be in as well, so let’s make my theory as this,

2003 Draft class
Lebron James –
Darko Milicic – he’s suffered more than his fair share
Carmelo Anthony – already got suspended didnt he, so he’s cool
Chris Bosh – got injured already
Dwyane Wade – time to get injured isn’t it?
Chris Kaman – on the major injury list before

so Dwyane Wade’s thumb suddenly comes off and he’s out for let’s say 2 months, then Gilbert and VC would share the backcourt on the ASG at premiereland Las Vegas

I know ballots are out. I know Puffy had the Vote or Die, you know, with them shirts. You know, I want to have, “If no one votes for me, I’m not going to do anymore blogs.” – Gilbert Arenas on the All Star Balloting

actually this shirt is indeed for sale, ask Gil for it, LOL

Gilbert Arenas is special, he is not in anyways WEIRD, He is unique, his will to win makes him unique, his uniqueness is compelling and is mesmerising, HE is GILBERT ARENAS, the president of the Washington Wizards



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