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Road Trippin’ PART 1 December 25, 2006

Posted by netsophobia in Randomness.

aiyo almost every1 went out to celebrate Christmas on the 24th, n i have to balik all the way to kampung n celebrate my grandma’s birthday…-.-, imagine having to sit in a car for 5 hours n with nothing to do inside the car walaoeh…

Tapah rest stop – want find parking oso hard

sumwhere along the highway

was going to park our car here, but then again

cheap!!!rm2.20 only

rm2.50 only!!! n its so freaking nice..

my uncle’s shop

saw that chivas? 80 only

my eldest aunt

my mum, my annoying aunt and irritating cousin’s back
my parents enjoying the char kuey teow here, it’s like so damn nice i actually ate 2 plates and have room for more if not for my mum stopping me haha, like i said , it was my grandma’s birthday rite? so we went to my grandma’s house next, and my aunt was like asking her where is ur eldest daughter? (who is staying in PJ, and my mum and aunt hates her and knew she wasnt coming back), and my grandma i think tried to call herheres the convo on how i remembered it

aunt : mak, tua chi tok ta lok?chu mi bo tui lai?
grandma : tama wa pak tien wah hoh e, tapi bo lang jiap, wa ying wei si PJ lok ho, her house got flooded
LOL, wtf??? PJ?FLOOD? hhahaha what a lame excuse, she knew all the long she wasnt coming and she said that, im like wth!!! damn fuking lame wyeh..and my aunt who gave her angpau..cos its her birthday mah, she haven open nia she’s like eh sai hoh wa extra rm100 boh, wth laa..n my parents bought a new car ma, so my dad drove that car back kampung lo, once she saw it shes like wah..ah guatANNOYING SIA…the dinner itself was just like so-so lah, my grandma was eating like crazy..maybe because my 4th uncle, the useless 1 wasnt present..starved her or sumthing..

the cake my aunt baked..it’s Blackforest without any real blueberry but its so damn nice…too bad i woke up late if not..the whole cake would be mine hehehe

my piece..



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