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my MODEST christmas WishList December 23, 2006

Posted by netsophobia in Randomness.
ohkayz, errr lets start off with something very very simple

1) a new boxset of MONOPOLY, cos i have no idea where my 2 old boxes went to

2) a chance to kena a price of sumthing like er lifetime membership from HARTZ chicken buffet..hopefully they give members a 50% discount..that would make KFC irrelevant forever

3) a lifetime supply of M&Ms…peanut butter…dark chocolate..almond..MEGA Milk chocolate, everything

4) a new laptop or phone or ANY NEW electronical gadget would be a welcoming sight

5) a brand new shoe…most like a Converse Pro-Star, or better still a classic Converse Weapon

6) direct satelite connection so that my TV receives feeds from the US that allows me to watch their national tele channels lik TNT and CBS, presumably the YES network because all New Jersey Nets games are featured there

7) a new car audio system for my very kampung car…a Clarion DB365 USB CD Player would do the job, it can play mp3s, and its compatible with wma and aac, besides it has a usb slot so for any1 who has an Ipod or sumting likethat weehee, handy , the price is only a cool rm 560

8) a brand new Sony Playstation 3, and if u think im not asking much, i want all the assecsories avalaible fot it hahaha…like er the wireless controller la all those..the ps3 comes at a quite cheap price of rm 4000++ ONLY

9) NEWCASTLE UNITED wins the ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE for the 1st time in a very long time…

10) Vince Carter is named the MVP of the league



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