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lamest steamboat EVER!!! December 23, 2006

Posted by netsophobia in Randomness.

my TONG YUN reunion dinner..with sour tong yuns and a KUALI thats so thick a big fire couldnt boil all the stuffs inside..enjoy

how can someone actually use a KUALI too cook steamboat..n the kuali is so frigging thick we needa wait 20 mins to wait for things to even boil..GENIUS AUNT
de big balls fight

my own plate of BALLS

green noodle?

not convincing at all

another desperate attempt to show bad cooking skills

checking out my aunt’s fridge

de balls!!! big ball fight!!!

neways i didnt enjoy any nice tong yun this year…y? because the tong yun was sour!!SOUR!! either its a problem wif de flour, or maybe mine and my aunts hands are dirty hahaha

terrible shot terrible food

im not enjoying this

i was like still awake around 4 and i actually wanted to find my fren from camp to minum minum 1, so i drove my P less wira n went to taman muda lorr, n i reached there around 4.15 la, i didnt know the way to his house so i called him 016-6605698, nombor yang anda dial tiada dalam perkhidmatan., den 016-6805698, duh wrong number, so i gave n have to ffk him,HAD TO not on purpose..n when to my buddy’s house n print my receipt

whose on tv>??? 5.30 am

i lepak u lepak we lepak


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