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Right on COurse December 22, 2006

Posted by netsophobia in Randomness.

this last few days have been tough for me, mentally i meant, coping with my own failures and everything, it’s hard to think about studying or college or anything, in fact, believe it anot, i woke up at 3am thinking that it was 3pm, but i reckon things would only go up and not down…I’m still in dilemma on choosing my subjects to major in…er theres JOURNALISM , and ADVERTISING and also PUBLIC RELATIONS, i probably still prefer journalismcuz i’m malu lah and i don’t really speak that well(unless you include crapping, keke), and i SERIOUSLY took mass communications because of JOURNALISM, seriously, but now im having doubts on what to take, JOURNALISM or ADVERTISING, i dunno much bout advertising, but it sounds like fun so errr it maybe fun…

CHOICE #1 – JOURNALISM CHOICE #2 – ADVERTISING CHOICE #3 – PUBLIC RELATIONS CHOICE #4 – QUIT COLLEGE CHOICE #5 – buy lottery and get rich doing so————————————————————————————–
i have not been playing basketball that much for the last week or so, and it kinds of irks me because i actually have the chance to play but i rather stay at home and sleep or lepak in front of the comp…im getting lazy and lazier…gg.. on the other end i have another problem, i’ve been starving myself for the whole dayfrom maybe 9am-8pm and then when my parents come back i’ll go on an eating spree that would shock almost any1…example?

course no.1

course no.2

looks terrible but infact is kong fu chao -.-

been eating like a mad goat at night nowadays, i even got sore throat from eating too much mnms sial……

end note : i hate this new blog layout
qoute of the day : i have no selfish bone in my body – Allen Iverson
PS – since when Taylor’s college became Taylor’s University College??



1. Anonymous - December 22, 2006

u must follow ur heart dude
do wat u like the most
even if u’re best at it
but without interest is still useless
be urself and do wat u feel u like the most
all the best man

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