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OF NEIGHBOURS and MEDALS December 4, 2006

Posted by netsophobia in Randomness.

The Malaysian badminton team are at it again, high expectations, no deliveries, Lee Chong Wei is still a jaguh kampung, we lost to South Korea…Malaysia tak boleh…let’s hope it gets better in the individual competitions..while i was sitting patiently waiting for that damn commentator to tell me the score between our BELOVED country n south Corea..,Indonesia and China were at it again aha, and, unbelievably i found myself cheering Taufik…taufik..as i tot if the Indonesians were to beat China, we would have won the team gold for the first time ever but sigh!!!SACK DE COACHES!!!!but in the end Indonesians lost..but they put up an inspired fight the best was Markis Kido n Hendra Setiawan. 李宗伟, Lee Chong Wei AKA JAGUH KAMPUNG

RIGHT NOW we’re at a gold n a silver way behind thailand but second among SEA countries!!!gogogo MALAYSIA BOLEH WEE!!!JOSIAH NG PROVE ME WRONG!!!

abit of a basketball update, how can any team expect to beat China in the Asian Games, Korea? Ha Seung Jin? too slow n sloppy for me…Japan? no Yuta Tabuse no love..China’s got Yi Jian Lian!! 6-9 point guard Sun Yue, n Liu Wei, not to forget former NBA dawg Wang Zhi Zhi, i’d be suprised if dey lost this..btw Qatar’s a good team too n Lebanon’s Fadi Al Khatib n Joseph Vogel is so damn GENG!!–>but Japan beat Lebanon 78-67 how bout tat!!, Japan’s ma team but its hard to beat China seriously..bbtw Taiwan’s in it too, too bad Malaysia’s not, its been long since we got our asses whooped on live TV

had 12pts n 16 rebs in the loss against Japan
had 19pts n 4 blocks in the win against the Kazakhs
averaging 15pts, 10.5 boards n 2 blocks

AONO Fumihiko #13

ERIC Mcarthur #4
– had a 12,10 performance against Taiwan
ITO Shunsuke#14

KASHIWAGI Shinsuke#8
– 16 pts in 19mins against Taiwan
ONO Atsushi#5

ORIMO Takehiko#9
– scored 23 in the win against Lebanon, including 5 3s
SAKO Kenichi #7- hit 5 3s against Taiwan
– 11 n 6 against Lebanon
-one half of the takeuchi brothers
TAKEUCHI Kosuke#10
– scored 14 against Lebanon
WATANABE Takuma#12



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